GaZZoline - Biographies

Frank "Jumbo" Jung » guitar + backing vocals
Frank "Jumbo" Jung plays solo- and rhythm-guitar. Besides he's the "slide expert" of the band.

The release to his musical career goes back to the year 1973. Infected by a Rory Gallagher concert at the "TUS Halle" in Neunkirchen/Saar he tortured a first borrowed, later purchased wanderer's guitar for a year. Then he got his first real E-guitar, a Framus "Les Paul", which still has a place of honour in his living room.

His musical preferences are Rhythm'n'Blues, Classic Rock, Heavy Rock and especially Southern Rock. Influential bands were: Gallagher, Cream, Led Zeppelin, Yes, Wishbone Ash, Allman Brothers, Crosby Stills Nash & Young, Lynyrd Skynyrd, 38Special, Outlaws and Doobie Brothers.

The most important musical stations were the band "Stitch" from Neunkirchen/Saar, "Wells Fargo" and the "Blies Blues Band"(1990 - 1996).
His guitars:
Framus Les Paul
Gretsch Travelling Wilbury
Gibson Les Paul Standart Gold Top
diverse Stratocaster (Fender, Squier)
Dean VX
Yamaha APX Semi-Accoustic

The Amps:
Peavey Bandit Koffer Amp 100W
Orange Overdrive tube amp with 4 x 12" Orange Boxes
Hughes & Kettner Access & VS250
Röhrenendstufe (Racksystem)
His favourite drink:
Tennessee Ice Tea (Jack Daniels On The Rocks)
Bernd Menzler » drums
Bernd Menzler grooves at the drums of GaZZoline.

Playing the drums wasn't his first decision. Influenced by listening to the hits of the Stones, Beatles and CCR Bernd and the boys from the neighbourhood decided to form a band. The instrumentation was distributed quickly. One played the guitar already, the second had a "melodica", therefore the keyboard was his object and the one blessed with the longest fingers (the monkey) was about to play the bass. So everybody looked at Bernd in expectation which instrument would he choose. Convinced to such a degree Bernd decided to play the drums.
Exercises were done on transformed OMO- and PERSIL-buckets, as cymbals he used pot-lids and the drum sticks were knitting needles (size 15).
In 1970 he acquired his first real drum-set for DM 350,00 (his confirmation money). The drum sticks delivered with the set were special. Normal drum stick-tips were made of wood, sometimes nylon - but those were made of iron. By the way, the pre-owner's name was "Hacker".
Bernd watched the cult band RS Rindfleisch and was inspired that much by the band's drummer Hermann Erbel (to be Hermann Rarebell - drummer of the Scorpionsl). Bernd was so impressed that he spontaneously asked him for lessons. They came to terms and Bernd learned the drumming from the start incl. reading notes and of course drumming tricks done by Jon Bonham, Ginger Baker, Ian Paice, etc. Since they both admired Jon Bonham, drummer of Led Zeppelin , the strong point of the lessons was to teach Bernd the breaks and soli of the Led Zeppelin drummer. Until today the neighbours remain to remember the nice early afternoons when Bernd tried to play the drum solo "Moby Dick" from Led Zeppelin in his parents' bedroom.
His favourite drummer is still John Bonham, specialized groups still are Led Zeppelin, later on Lynyrd Skynyrd, ZZTop, Status Quo or AC/DC.

Before Bernd formed GaZZoline together with Frank, Karsten and Reini Becker in 1997 he used to play with the formation "Stanley" from Völklingen (1978 - 1980) and 10 years with the "Blies Blues Band" (1986 - 1996).
His drum set:
SONOR Force 2000, black
Paiste Becken
His favourite drink:
Karlsberg Urpils
Valerij Dvorin » keyboards + backing vocals
Valerij Dvorin plays the keyboard and is the most versatile musician in the band.
Grown up in Taschkent (Uzbekistan) he devoted himself to music in his early years.

He masters the following instruments:
keyboard, accordion, guitar, balalaika, "Waldhorn"

His musical preferences range from Oscar Peterson via Earth Wind & Fire, Chicago, Santana, Larry Carlton up to the Doobie Brothers.
In Taschkent he worked as a choir leader and conductor.
In 2000 he came to the Saarland and is a member of GaZZoline since 2002.
His keyboard:
Korg DX 5
His favourite drink:
Besides his compulsory Vodka he's pleased to have a glass of red wine as well.